The Business Of Law

The Business Of Law That Lawyers Should Know

While you are studying at law school, you are exposed to different occasions which require you to think analytically. You interpret laws and determine which ones are applicable in particular cases. These and a couple of other trainings are provided to prepare you to represent clients faced with different legal concerns. Continue reading

Law Firms In Singapore

Law Firms In Singapore Of All Shapes & Sizes

Law firms in Singapore are not spared from the common stereotyping that people apply to small-, medium- and large-sized law offices. The impression that most people have of small firms is that they are mentor-accessible due to the relatively small number of legal practitioners working for them. Continue reading

Criminal Lawyer Singapore

Criminal Lawyer Singapore Who Can Represent You

You will need the assistance of a criminal lawyer if you have been charged with a crime. He or she will help you gain a better understanding of the nature of the charges filed against you. This person will also explore the possible ways to defend your rights. Continue reading

Corporate Law Attorneys

The Role Of Corporate Law Attorneys In Business

Every individual who is interested to engage in business needs legal assistance particularly when it comes to the proper incorporation of his or her venture. When businesses begin their operations, corporate law attorneys can extend their professional help during negotiations as well as in other legal matters which may concern the venture in question. Continue reading

Law Firm Company

The Assistance From A Law Firm Company

Are you a couple planning to get a divorce? Or are you a company that is looking at a transnational merger? Or are you an individual accused of committing a crime? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, then you might be in need of assistance from a law firm. This type of firm can provide a spectrum of services to individuals, couples, and companies that require legal help. Continue reading

Family Lawyer

The Scope Of Practice Of A Family Lawyer

When you hear of the term “family lawyer”, what comes to your mind? Is it divorce? Or is it adoption? Well, both are acceptable answers because they are all tackled under the umbrella of family law. Continue reading

Criminal Lawyer

A Criminal Lawyer You Can Trust

Singapore is famous for being one of the highly developed countries. Currently, it is also recognised as one of the most business-friendly countries in Asia. These achievements acquired by the country would never have been realised if not for its governing laws. Continue reading

Company Lawyer

Protecting Your Business With A Company Lawyer

Nowadays, building a business does not only focus on the products or services to be offered by the company. The need for protection is also becoming valuable. Why? It is basically due to the reality that consumers today are more knowledgeable and oriented with their rights. Also, there are those who take advantage of the loopholes of a business. Continue reading