Criminal Attorney

How To Deal With A Criminal Attorney

Choosing the most suitable person to handle your case isn’t easy and can even pose as a big challenge to some. But once you’re through with this, know that it’s important to spend time with your hired criminal attorney to discuss pertinent details about your case. Give yourself ample time to ask questions and learn about the things that you must expect.

Your First Meeting With A Criminal Attorney

Come to the meeting prepared. It would help if you could bring with you some written notes relevant to the case so you won’t forget any important detail that the attorney should know. Gather all documents needed which may include police reports, official statements, affidavits, pictures, videos, or anything that can serve as evidence. Be diligent in doing your homework for faster formulation of defence by your lawyer.

It’s crucial that you give as much data as you can so your lawyer gets a clear idea as to the exact events that have transpired. This will help your hired criminal attorney to think of strategies that will best serve your interests. Also, if you have some concerns or things in your mind that you want to ask, write them all down and bring the list to your meeting as well.

Questions To Ask A Criminal Attorney

One basic thing you should ask about is the attorney’s fees that you’d have to pay for, which is usually charged by the hour. You can ask for the possibility of a flat rate, but the amount will depend on the extent of services that you require. The bigger scope of work that is necessary, the higher amount of fees that will be asked of you.

Whether you’re on the defence side or not, you’d want to inquire about the possible penalties involved, however minor your case is. The same is true even if you’re found to be the innocent party. You also want to know how long it may take for the case to be closed. This may hinge on whether he or she will recommend you to opt for settlement or proceed to trial.

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