Criminal Lawyer

A Criminal Lawyer You Can Trust

Singapore is famous for being one of the highly developed countries. Currently, it is also recognised as one of the most business-friendly countries in Asia. These achievements acquired by the country would never have been realised if not for its governing laws.

Similar to countries in Asia, the country is also protected by laws that play a very specific purpose. For instance is the criminal law in Singapore.

Criminal Lawyer: A Background On The Penal Code Of Singapore

Crimes happen in almost every part of the world. Based on the Singapore Police Force statistics, the crime classes in the country are Theft and Related Crimes, Miscellaneous Crimes, Crimes Against Persons, Commercial Crimes, Housebreaking and Related Crimes, and Violent Property Crimes. The aforementioned crime classes are also ranked respectively as of January to June 2012.

People who commit actions considered as criminal offenses in the penal code are expected to receive sanctions. The punishment that an individual receives is based on the severity of the crime committed. As of now, the country still implements capital and corporal punishments particularly for very serious criminal offenses.

Choosing A Criminal Lawyer Who Is Right For The Job

For individuals who were caught committing a crime, the best option for them is to look for a criminal lawyer. This entity will act as the legal representation of the accused all throughout the legal proceedings.

When looking for a lawyer, the initial question that they ask is “What crime did you commit?”. This assists them in determining if they can handle the case. Sometimes, there are lawyers who decline a case due to reasons like to avoid conflicts of interest. But there are instances wherein they endorse the case to other criminal lawyers who they know can perform the job better.

Nonetheless, regardless of who the lawyer is, the important thing is that the case undergoes due process before sanctions are applied.

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