Family Lawyer

The Scope Of Practice Of A Family Lawyer

When you hear of the term “family lawyer”, what comes to your mind? Is it divorce? Or is it adoption? Well, both are acceptable answers because they are all tackled under the umbrella of family law.

Family law basically covers every legal issue concerning a family as a whole or its members individually. Its aim is to provide the individuals involved with the most appropriate and fitting solution.

The Advantages Of Having A Family Lawyer

Do you think hiring a lawyer for your family is beneficial? In truth, the answer is really subjective. Some families find it very advantageous. However, there are also those that consider it as a way of breaching their privacy. For family members who are still caught in the middle, the following are some of the benefits of having a family lawyer.

First, he/ she can assist during legal battles like child custody and division of assets, a lawyer can assist in resolving the said issues. Depending on the extent of the lawyer’s expertise, some disputes can be settled even without going to court. However, instances concerning divorce and adoption often require the indicters to personally attend the court proceedings.

Second, for large families, he/ she can assist the head or the breadwinner in finalising and executing a last will and testament. Often, this is very valuable for a family with two or more siblings because it reduces the incidence of igniting sibling rivalry.

The Disadvantages Of Hiring A Family Lawyer

On the other hand, hiring a lawyer for your family can also have its own share of disadvantages. For instance, as mentioned earlier, it can breach a family’s privacy. This is in conjunction with the truth that once issues, like a divorce, arise there will be a need for the members to provide personal statements. These may include sensitive issues that only the members of the family are aware of. Also, for those planning to formulate a will, the lawyer will have to find out about the family’s assets.

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