Corporate Law Singapore

Introduction to Corporate Law Singapore

In the eyes of the law, all companies big or small should be registered and should follow the common law instituted for them. This law is known as the Companies Act, it is the corporate law Singapore that governs all businesses or companies in Singapore. Continue reading

Lawyer Firm In Singapore

The Lawyer Firm In Singapore

For the past years, the high number of students taking up the study of law and getting their practice licenses is highly contributing to the growing number of lawyer firms in Singapore. Today you can see rows and rows of law firms through the yellow pages of your directory and as well as online. Continue reading

Divorce Lawyer

Why Hire A Divorce Lawyer

A lot of marriages these days do not end up happily ever after as they wish it would. For some reason many couples cannot hold on to the vows they had during holy matrimony and ending up hiring a divorce lawyer to formally cut the bond between them. Continue reading