Criminal Solicitors

Be Honest With Criminal Solicitors

Any person accused of a crime has the right to a legal counsel and if you can’t afford one, you can ask the judge for a court-appointed lawyer. However, make sure you choose a lawyer who is familiar with your type of case. This means that if it’s an assault case, its better hiring a lawyer experienced at assault charges than a lawyer who handles drunk-driving charges.

Criminal Solicitors Start Working Once Payment Terms Are Finalized

Make sure you honestly answer all questions during the first meeting with your lawyer. Supposing your case is a fairly routine one, your lawyer can give you an idea of the outcome of your case.

However, without actually looking at the police reports and other documents, no lawyer can give you a guarantee of the outcome of a case. So be careful of lawyers who claim they can win your case for you without even taking a look at your case papers.

If you are paying for your attorney’s services, no work will start on your case until both of you agree on terms of payment. Most lawyers charge by the hour and a down payment called a retainer. In case your case is a straightforward one, your lawyer may agree to a flat fee too.

Change Criminal Solicitors If Required

Make sure you understand everything about payment matters. This means the contract should not only include the lawyer’s fees but also how much you will be charged for short phone calls, work done by legal assistants and how much you have to pay for copies, depositions and other related legal work.

In case you find that you are not happy with the lawyer you had first appointed for your case, you can change lawyers as required. However, it’s better to do this as soon as possible as it is a bit difficult to change lawyers as the trial date approaches.

So try working out any issues you have with the attorney and if the problem can’t get solved, ask for your case files. Based on your fee agreement, you may also be able to recover at least some of the retainer amount.

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