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Making Divorce Easier Through A Reliable Law Firm

Contacting a law firm and divorce go hand in hand, undoubtedly. Under the Women’s Charter, which sets the rules and regulations for divorce in Singapore, a petitioner has the option of either preparing his/her own divorce papers in a process known as “acting in person” or asking lawyers to act on his/her behalf. We strongly advise against acting in person for the following reasons.

A Law Firm Provides Expert Legal Guidance

The Women’s Charter, like all laws of its kind, is filled with legal jargon that laymen will be unable to apply in court. Keep in mind that the Family Court may allow the petitioner to file divorce papers particularly the Writ for Divorce, Statement of Claim and Statement of Particulars on an “acting in person” basis but it cannot provide assistance on what the petitioner can say and do during the process. You are on your own in every meaningful sense of the word when dealing with the Family Court.

With a reputable law firm on your side, you have an expert who will provide guidance in the judicial process in general and the Women’s Charter in particular. Your divorce lawyer will work toward the protection of your interests in various areas including division of assets, custody of the children, and maintenance. In many ways, the trauma of your divorce can be lessened because you have an expert divorce lawyer who will deal with the legal requirements of the process while you attend to other matters. It’s a burden off your shoulders, truly.

But that’s not all. At your request, you may be referred by your divorce lawyer to a psychotherapist who will provide valuable assistance during this difficult transition from marriage to separation. Your divorce lawyer will also be compassionate toward your plight.

The Law Firm Takes Charge Of The Requirements

If you file divorce papers sans a lawyer, you will not be exempt from the formal requirements during the divorce proceedings in the Family Court. You must follow the legal and procedural requirements just as any divorce lawyer is required.

You must ask yourself, “Do I have the knowledge to ensure that the right documents are filed in the right format, at the right venue and at the right time? Do I know exactly what I am doing?” You are more likely to answer “no”.

The bottom line: Hire a law firm and make your divorce easier.

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