Traffic Laws

Traffic Laws In Singapore

Every country in the world has different traffic laws, although many of those rules and regulations are commonly practiced everywhere. In Singapore, instead of the regular right lane, people drive on the left side of the lane. Important things should also be remembered when driving in this country which is quite confusing at first but eventually you’ll get use to.

You can get your driver’s license as long as you’re 18 years of age and after passing required driving tests. In Singapore they use a demerit system that is used as basis to suspend a license after having too many offenses for both citizens and foreigners. Aside from the demerit system, they also have a number of rigorous driving laws.

Basic Facts In Traffic Laws

  1. Getting your driver’s license – your driver’s license will be released after passing rigorous driving tests. Visitors can drive in Singapore using their international driving permits but it is only allowed not more than 12 months and they are required to get a Singaporean driver’s license if they plan on staying longer.
  2. Demerit point system or what they call the road traffic improvement point systems (DIPS) – drivers are only allowed within the first year to accrue 13 points. But after accumulating 24 points within the span of two years, the driver might lose his or her license. All preceding points shall be erased after committing offenses in 12 months to give the driver a clean start.
  3. Over speeding. This is the most common violated traffic laws in Singapore and in other countries as well. The penalty can range from S$130 to S$200 and if the speed exceeds 40 km per hour, the driver is then obliged to attend a court hearing.
  4. Using handphone while driving – a S$1000 is fined to whoever is caught doing this and the driver might go to jail as well.
  5. Driving under the influence of liquor – this offense not only entails fine and jail term, the traffic police may even advise that their license be suspended for one year or even longer.
  6. Seatbelts – it is a requirement that all vehicles in Singapore have seatbelts and child seats.
  7. Headlights – that it should be on between 7PM and 7AM.

Traffic Laws- Demerits

Demerit points are acquired when you are found to have broken some traffic laws. These points are kept into records for two years on the date of conviction until you gain enough points that you lose your license.
Here are few examples of how demerits are collected:

  • Reckless driving gives your 12 points
  • Not stopping at traffic lights is 12 points
  • Not wearing seatbelts give you 3 points
  • Having a speed limit of over 40km/hr is 12 demerit points

The list goes on until you reach 12 points where in you may lose your license. After a year another 12 points gets added summing up to 24 points in two years.

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