Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We advise and represent clients in all cases involving blue and white collar crime under the various statutes. We also provide assistance for the lodgment of court complaints in private prosecutions, commonly known as either magistrates’ complaint or private summons. We cover the spectrum of criminal crimes ranging from minor voluntary hurt to murder proceedings in addition to white collar crimes such as corporate fraud, insider trading and criminal breach of trust.

Our Recent Engagement: Public Prosecutor vs. Mohd. K. (Not real name, name changed to protect the client’s identity)

Defense counsel: Mr. Louis Lim

Outcome: Discharged Amounting to Acquittal (DATA)

We were approached by Mr K. recently to represent him in court, after he was charged with one count of rioting. Our team managed to successfully present reasonable grounds to assert that Mr K. had no intention of causing harm to the victim in this case, and the prosecution grants a discharge amounting to an acquittal.

Our team managed to score such a victory through our understanding of the legal principles and precedents relevant to Mr K’scase. We passionately represented Mr K’s. This engagement underlined our strengths as a firm; our decades of experience and passionate advocacy for both rich and poor.

Our Recent Engagement: PP vs Toh Chin Siong

In another high profile High Court case, Louis acted for Toh Chin Siong who was charged for the murder of a youth.

Our Recent Engagement: PP vs Yap Pak Siong

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